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Issue 15

Quite Please

We have a chum. He is called Plashing Vole. We don’t think that is his real name. We’re not sure. Anyway, like us, PV is a lover of words and, like us, he gets quite upset by those poor souls (nice bit of personification at work there, wouldn’t you agree?) who find themselves in something of a jumbled-up conundrum. He gets so worked up, in fact, that he has created a Flickr set so he can share his worries with the outside world. And rightly so. It is called “Stupidity” and we’re proper into the idea. We can only commend him for such an act of generosity, and we’ve picked out one example to show you. It was taken at a higher educational institution. Quite. That’s probably all we need to comment on the matter.


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Issue 14

In a break from Worst Words, we’re having a Stupidest Spelling. As we say in the Contribute tab, “we yell obscenities when we witness the flagrant misuse of apostrophes”, so imagine the whinging that went on after this stopped us in our tracks on a recent trip to the countryside (don’t worry, we were wearing a pinstripe jacket and inappropriate footwear). Tsk. You’d think the Forestry Commission – the bloody Forestry Commission, fer crying out loud – would know better than to foist this abomination of punctuation upon us.

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